How to Master Your Habits to Get Lean, Athletic and Full of Energy and Vitality - So You Can Finally Crush It at Life

My name is Mit Kazakov.

I’m part of a group of self-actualized men and women who have found a way to develop and maintain a lean athletic physique year-round.

The way we do things is dramatically different from anything you’ll ever see in a mainstream fitness magazine.

✘ We don’t fear carbs.
✘ We don’t need to eat a meal every 2.5 hours.
✘ We don’t do silly 6-days-per-week bro splits.
✘ Nor endless hours of cardio.

Quite honestly, none of today’s prevailing fitness trends address the root cause of The Problem… which is that willpower is a finite resource, and it’s inevitably failing you when trying to stick to popular diets and training methods.

That is why, instead, we use a little-known but powerful technique called habit compounding.

Habit compounding helps us sequentially acquire and accumulate key fitness habits that do not rely on willpower and grant us exponential results over time.

If you asked the gurus and the mainstream fitness & bodybuilding publications, they’d tell you what we’re doing is “odd”.

Yet… it’s getting us better results than we have ever hoped for.

We are Habitists and these are our stories!

You, too, are just a couple of habits away from a leaner, more athletic physique – and a life of your own design…

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